Routine Dental Care


Just like most things in life, it is more ideal to a prevent a problem than it is to fix one.

At Fleeman Family Dental, the most important form of Preventative Dentistry we offer is Patient Education. We want to make sure patients possess the knowledge that will empower them to take care of their teeth to the best of their ability. A good portion of this includes what a patient does right in their own home, such as the good old brushing, flossing, and mouth rinse.

More often that not, even these routines should be customized. Power toothbrushes, special floss adapters, and prescription mouth rinses are all tools that can help some patients depending on their needs. After discussing our patients’ goals and what is important to them, we are able to determine a customized daily hygiene routine for each and every patient.

There are also measures that can be taken in office that can provide a significant reduction in the likelihood that a patient will develop dental problems. These include:

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